Why Ooyen Research?

We offer you a lifetime of applying analytical reasoning and strategic thinking to hep solve life's problems and unknowns. We have thirteen years of experience in the natural products industry, seven years of experience in the hemp/CBD industry, broadening experience in a wide range of other industries, and a background in engineering that allows us to tackle strategic business topics in a wide array of industries.

Key Skills:

  • Analyzing industries and developing market estimates based on incomplete information, using the art and science of market research

  • Presenting complex data in a format that is understandable

  • Going beyond the "what" of data gathering to find the "so what" that drives business decisions

  • Developing market size estimates for difficult to quantify emerging and private industries

  • Providing industry trend analysis to support strategic business decisions

  • Piecing together disparate nuggets of information to build a picture of the industry

  • Provide actional insights and recommendations into member, client, or consumer attitudes

Examples of what we could do for you:

  • Estimate market size of targeted ingredient, industry, or channel niche

  • Research competitive market for ingredient or product categories to identify white-space opportunities around topics such as ingredients, claims, or channel distribution

  • In-depth interviews of thought leaders in the natural products industry

  • Surveys of consumers, practitioners, manufacturers, retailers, and suppliers

  • In-depth interviews to gain deeper insights into consumer preferences

  • Focus groups to gain insights into consumer preferences in an intimate setting